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I don’t have a Lawyer,and hopefully no one will sue me.

6 Nov


The day my iTunes shuffle decided to be nice to me and play good songs, one after the other. 😀

Seriously, I hate putting my iPod or any other music player on shuffle, ’cause I have songs in ’em that I don’t really listen to anymore, they pop up all of a sudden and that just ruins it. I didn’t even the realise the friggin thing was on shuffle!. Anyway, it’s like one of those moments thingys. Songs.

It started with –

Our lawyer made us change the name of the song so we wouldn’t get sued – Fall Out Boy 
Honey this mirror, isn’t big enough for the two of us – My Chemical Romance (This song is so so apt today, it’s ridiculous.)
Baby Dracula – Scarling.
 The Capitol – Good Charlotte
Sons Gonna Rise – Citizen Cope
Victimized – Linkin Park
Reinventing the wheel to run myself over – Fall Out Boy
Thirsty and Miserable – Black Flag
Wicked Game – Three Days Grace
Famous Last Words – My Chemical Romance (I get a mini heart attack each time this comes up on shuffle)
Post Blue – Placebo
Called Out In the Dark – Travis
Wouldn’t it be good – Danny Hutton Hitters (Pretty in Pink OST)
Seize the Day – Avenged Sevenfold  
Something in my eye – Turin Brakes
Blackout – Linkin Park
My Boy builds Coffins – Florence and the Machine
Ready for love – Mindless Self Indulgence
I can’t make up my mind – The Zombies 
To The End – My Chemical Romance
Thank God for Esteban – Panic! at the Disco
What Am I to say – Sum 41

I’m tired now, and i really do have better things to do. No, seriously. You might think it’s fun for me to sit and write down song titles that came up on shuffle, but I only have so good memory skills, and there were loads more and I have better things to talk about.


Today was H’s birthday! PARTAY TIME! Not really. He has an exam tomorrow. So we just got cake, which was awesome frigging nommy! (word jumble, ’cause I can do so) Butterscotch Cake, I need to give you more credit, ’cause damn! I shouldn’t have thought of cake, I’ll have to go and eat some now. :/ Maybe I should get some coffee too, to go with the cake.

Coffee reminds me of Gerard Way, and the way the twitter verse goes crazy each time he tweets something, even if it’s just, “Coffee”. I think everyone is scared that if they don’t reply to, and praise every tweet he makes, he’ll leave twitter land again, never to be heard again for a long long time, or till he gets bored enough to tweet again, whichever comes later. 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I was excited too when I checked my phone and saw he’d stepped back into the realm, but I can’t, and maybe don’t even want to, fangirl over single tweet he makes. I don’t think I have enough energy to do that. I think this is a sign that I’m growing old. I’m not judging anyone who does so by the way to each his/her own. And whatever makes him stay here, he does say funny stuff sometimes 😀

Just a reminder – BATMAN FTW!!


to the batmobile . . . . . . . . . . 


Come on, Come on, Its the end of the world.

20 Oct

| Damn. Its been ages since I last did this! But, its also been ages since I last posted something here. No better way to “try” to start again, than by this! So quit your whining WordPress, you wanted a post, you’re getting one! And not just a a random rambly post, but a time stop one! SO yay! 

Whatever. Enjoy. |


Three Days Grace – Chalk Outline

All Time Low – Time Bomb

The Manchester Orchestra – I can Barely Breathe 

Boys Like Girls – The Only Way that I know how to feel

Placebo – Ashtray Heart 

You Me At Six – There’s no such thing as accidental infidelity



Stuff i wish i had –

28 Feb

|| its not all stuff as can be seen from No. 1 , except for the heartless out there who consider them just ‘stuff’. ||

1. Terminator.

i have always wanted to have my own terminator. why? because its a terminator, need i say more.

and for all the non believers out there, just know this, the era of the skynet will come. We already have talking phones. ( i have my eye on you Siri.)

2. Skynet.

^^ is stuff. ruthless and coldblooded. why do i want it? incase my terminator breaks  i need something that can build it again. and maybe it might decide to spare me if i’m nice enough to it.

3. Batmobile.

It’s the batmobile dude!!!

4. Iron man’s Workshop

Its filled with ‘stuff’ , hence, it too is stuff. amazing,cool , and intelligent stuff.

5. Light Saber

i need a real one cause –

a) its real.

b)i don’t know how to make that light saber-ish sound. the whole woosh woosh, or whatever. so i need a real one.

6. Transformer

In case the terminator, and skynet decide to turn on me, i need someone to protect me.

also i ❤  Optimus Prime.

7. delorean

^^ better than saying Time Machine. 😛

8. Pass to see all my fav. bands live, as many times as i want

the Pass is a thing. mua-hahahaha!

9. Car

hmm, i already have the batmobile so i don’t need this.

10. A hair straightner

i really need it.

11. Sword.

cause it would be cool to have one.

12. Dragon

i know this is not stuff, defintely not, but i just can’t resist! i really really want a dragon. all i have is a dog.

13. Phoenix

if i can’t find a dragon.

and lastly,

14. Throne

i have a sword,drgaon/phoenix,transformer,terminator/skynet and the batmobile, who am i kidding! i would be the owner of the world! i defo need a throne.

with my phoneix/dragon on one side, and the terminator on the other with the transformer keeping watch over it. life would be perfect.

3 weeks + a lot of pain =

24 Feb

maybe i new talent?

yeah, i doubt it, i am always one to jump to conclusions without thinking stuff through, just cause i can paste stuff on cardboard and then paste it on my wall does not mean, that i have a talent, it means  i’m idle. but in this case i needed to do this stuff to make sure to get my feelings out after the loss that i went through. its still hard for me, and i cry everyday, but looking at what i made makes me feel like i’ve gone out and dedicated something to her, its not much, but its a start.

Ladies and Gentlemen, its now time for show n tell! —-

^^ the real view. taken by me.

^^ my cupboards. i finally decided to clean them out. this usually involves me just throwing all the stuff onto the floor, after which i decide to give half the stuff away, out the remaing half goes into the cleaning basket and only a quarter out of the original goes back in there. but atleast its neat and tidy. and i require new clothes now, having given half of them away yesterday.

^^ the wall right above my bed( i don’t have a proper bed, just 2 mattresses on the floor, my parents say i live in the hostel so it doesn’t really matter 😐 but it i’m used to it like this now, more cosy. ) basically all i did was print out loads and loads of album covers and then stuck them onto cardboard squares. the basic theme of all of this is, black, magenta and golden, but you can’t see it here. for the borders i used glitter, purple, blue, silver, red etc. glitter (the powdered kind). so its like this massive collage. the main focus is on Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance, as can be seen in the center, and to the sides of it are lyrics from 2 of my fav songs – Helena and Breaking the Habbit.

^^ dang it! i forgot to flip it! this is the complete wall, my headboard, if you must, and whats written on the top is – the future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary, do it now and do it loud, killjoys make some noise!!! from NaNaNaNa by MCR! i love this intro to the song by Dr. DeathDefying!

^^ this is on the side wall. “We’ll Carry on”, is from Welcome to the Black Parade, and its kinda defining how even though she’s gonna we’ll make sure her memory carries on.

^^ complete side wall, and i forgot to flip this too! this is like the main thing, cause when you enter the room, this is what you see, and it has large album covers like Meteora, The Black Parade, Life Starts Now, Good Morning Revival. some of my fav. albums. 🙂

^^ a close up of the lower portion. 🙂

i know its not something amazing or awesome, i never intended it to be so. it was meant to be like a pain relief for me, and it did kinda work, it kept my mind of stuff, and i really needed that.

This is my top 10, and no,its not lame.

15 Feb

i finally know how to embed videos here! Hurray! so this calls for a post where i can add loads and loads of them 🙂 its been almost 11 years of music for me, before that i was a sad little kid who lived a sad and sorry life, and though life still might not be that better now, atleast i have music, and that helps me get through so much stuff. even though the first decade of this millennium sucked massively, i have come out of it fine, and 2011 was a year of learning and growing up, something i vehemently refused to do from 01-10, so i guess its a start, and though i never thought i’d loose someone so close to me at the start of this year, i have, and there’s nothing i can do to change it, except think of her and be happy. and now, chucking philosophical shit behind, \ drumroll /

Ta Da!  so here are my top 10 fav. videos!!!!

please keep in mind they are MY favorite videos, i really don’t care what anyone else says of thinks ( *cough* critics )

ooh, and also that the ordering means nothing, they all rank equally. Enjoy.

1. Hand of Blood – Bullet for My Valentine.

I’m a huge Bullet fan, and they are gonna be coming out with a new album this year! yay! this was the first ever BFMV video i saw and thats why i love it, and it reminds me of the 90’s for some unexplained weird reason.

2. Loosing my religion – R.E.M

i can’t make head or tails of this video, but i saw this when i was really young, and somehow i fell in love with it, and R.E.M.

3. In too Deep – Sum 41

A – its Sum 41

B-its a funny video, classic Sum 41.

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