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And guarantee a source divine.

27 Nov

There’s a lot I want to talk about. Loads and loads of things, I’d thought ’em all out, I wanted to talk about my top 3 lyricists, the mystery of the missing hair bands that led me to make a new one out of golden ribbon, which I wear all the time now, the fact that FatDog turned four a few days back. I want to talk about all of that. But, currently I’m a little busy marveling at my lack of reaction.

My complete lack of any kind of reaction to the fact that one of my friends was in the hospital. To the fact that he has something which is incurable  To the fact that I’m one of the only few people who know, mostly ’cause he needed my “logical” opinion on something. The fact that i’m not having any reaction of any kind. Wow. This is something that’s bothered me ever since my grandpa asked me if I even miss MM. After I got over the anger, i thought about it. I don’t cry. When everyone sits together, and conversation (as always) turns to her, and everyone cries, I don’t. I’m the one who’s staring at the floor, feeling awkward. I don’t sit and miss her and cry. In fact I try not to think about her. This would make sense if I was an inherently emotionless person, but I’m not. I’m one of the most emotional people I know. Till last year I used to cry a lot. ALOT! So this is kind of disturbing, now that I’ve noticed it.

It’s like I’m immune to all kinds of pain now. Like sad pains. I distinctly remember shedding a tear last month when mom got all in my face, so I still get angry/frustrated.


This is certainly interesting.

Placebo – Blind

(I’m on such a Placebo rush these days! When I’m not listening to Flo Rida. 😐 )
(^ I’ll elaborate on that later)
I know I broke it.



Come on, Come on, Its the end of the world.

20 Oct

| Damn. Its been ages since I last did this! But, its also been ages since I last posted something here. No better way to “try” to start again, than by this! So quit your whining WordPress, you wanted a post, you’re getting one! And not just a a random rambly post, but a time stop one! SO yay! 

Whatever. Enjoy. |


Three Days Grace – Chalk Outline

All Time Low – Time Bomb

The Manchester Orchestra – I can Barely Breathe 

Boys Like Girls – The Only Way that I know how to feel

Placebo – Ashtray Heart 

You Me At Six – There’s no such thing as accidental infidelity



Love Will Eat You Alive

20 Apr

Lets just let the music out!!

| this is what i’m listening to right now |

LostAlone – Love Will Eat you Alive

(if you’ve not heard the rest of their stuff, then go do it! they are amazing!)

Placebo – Ashtray Heart

Mindless Self Indulgence – Never wanted to Dance

Chase & Status – Embrace ft. White Lies

Drift – Forty Foot Echo

i’m indebted to One Tree Hill for the amazing music they introduced me to. always.

Phantom Planet – Big Brat

another OTH relic

|| thats it for now, i guess, there are really different songs from the ones i had last time||