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Or was that just a telescopic camera nod?

6 Dec

|Random post titles are random. Pay no attention.|

WordPress, I go for a few days and you change! Talk about love. ūüėÄ (Scoff all you want, but you need to be nice to technology, when they take over the world, you’ll be sorry you never said “Hi!” to you coffee machine)

Being in a perpetual state of confusion is tiring, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years ’bout myself, it really doesn’t help to push. I never do anything if people keep nagging me. Once they, and I, leave myself alone, I almost always get the work done/decisions made, even if I cut it real close. There’s just this moment, and I might be just lazying around and doing nothing till then, but when that moment strikes, I’ll get the work done. Almost always.

Like today, they’ve been after me to book the GMAT for months. I’ve been after me to book the GMAT for months, and even though loads of times I’ve opened the site and selected the date I never clicked, “Pay.”. Just didn’t feel like it. I finally did it today. We were watching TV, I got my dads credit card and just booked the test. (21st Dec. The panic’s gonna hit tomorrow. I’m in denial now). But I feel kinda good. As I always do after a decision is made. This is still not really what I wanna do, but for now, while I can’t think of anything else, atleast I know that I’ll be doing something. And that feels good.

And trust Fall Out Boy to write a song with Water Buffaloes in the title. With no mention of said animal? Mammal!! in the song at all.


He’s so sad!! Someone needs to write a song for him. (Dude. I’ve already written the worlds lamest story. I’m not even going near water buffaloes.)

He was a sad little fellow, 
that water buffalo . . . . . . .  .

My blog posts are totally like Fall Out Boy songs.

Random titles with even more random words. ūüėÄ

One day, fo sho, I’m gonna talk about meaningful stuff. One day.

Fall Out Boy РDisloyal Order of Water Buffaloes                  

Detox just to retox
And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life
And perfect boys with their perfect lives
Nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy


Let There be Signs.

18 Feb

This has to be perhaps one of the more serious blog post i will ever do’cause it is really important to me, my effing future is at stake!.

do signs really exist? and before we get happy out there, i’m not talking about the Mel Gibson movie, Signs, which was amazing! creepy aliens dude! and before the post gets really serious and weird, and i may never read it again, and might just trash it, i just read yesterday that System of a Down, may be thinking of coming up with a new album this year! yay! finally! its been ages and ages! how weird is it, that just a month ago i was excited about 2012, but now i just think it sucks, or¬†at least¬†it started out suckily, i hope things get better as the year goes on.


i’m talking about the signs/signals/directions that life reportedly gives us. saying it out loud, or typing it as is the case here, makes me think its utter BS, and that might also be the case, just the thing is that, with my¬†under-graduation¬†finally about to get over in a matter of another 93 days ( yes, i count the days. No, i am not a sad loser, i just like countdowns.), i have to decide what i want to do with my life next, and though i have a vague idea as to what i want to do, the matter of how to do it is still uncertain, and for the last few months i had my mind¬†completely¬†set on going to UK, and have applied to, and also gotten into :), a few colleges there, but now i’m just seen these, ‘signs’, everywhere that¬†UK¬†would suck for me, and i won’t be able to live there, and i should just go to USA instead!!!! I’m going effing crazy! just writing it makes me feel stupid, there are no signs in life, and there are no set paths, we decide what we have to do and how we should do it. i hate being so Fickle, it messes up everything.


i just hope i’m wrong about there not being any signs, because if there are then i’m going to be royally screwing up my life by ignoring them, and i don’t want to do that at all. not now. not ever. ūüė¶