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And guarantee a source divine.

27 Nov

There’s a lot I want to talk about. Loads and loads of things, I’d thought ’em all out, I wanted to talk about my top 3 lyricists, the mystery of the missing hair bands that led me to make a new one out of golden ribbon, which I wear all the time now, the fact that FatDog turned four a few days back. I want to talk about all of that. But, currently I’m a little busy marveling at my lack of reaction.

My complete lack of any kind of reaction to the fact that one of my friends was in the hospital. To the fact that he has something which is incurable  To the fact that I’m one of the only few people who know, mostly ’cause he needed my “logical” opinion on something. The fact that i’m not having any reaction of any kind. Wow. This is something that’s bothered me ever since my grandpa asked me if I even miss MM. After I got over the anger, i thought about it. I don’t cry. When everyone sits together, and conversation (as always) turns to her, and everyone cries, I don’t. I’m the one who’s staring at the floor, feeling awkward. I don’t sit and miss her and cry. In fact I try not to think about her. This would make sense if I was an inherently emotionless person, but I’m not. I’m one of the most emotional people I know. Till last year I used to cry a lot. ALOT! So this is kind of disturbing, now that I’ve noticed it.

It’s like I’m immune to all kinds of pain now. Like sad pains. I distinctly remember shedding a tear last month when mom got all in my face, so I still get angry/frustrated.


This is certainly interesting.

Placebo – Blind

(I’m on such a Placebo rush these days! When I’m not listening to Flo Rida. 😐 )
(^ I’ll elaborate on that later)
I know I broke it.



MCR MindF*^kery – Recap of Danger Days

29 Mar

you can just chuck all the stuff below and go here – http://mcrdeviantclub.deviantart.com/journal/News-and-theories-New-transmission-224338248 , seriously, don’t even read whats there below, its utter BS compared to ^! you know i never lie to you guys! 


This is kind of like Version 1.0. because its starting again, i though i should recap last time’s MFery mainly cause i might just forget about all the small things many years later.

Basically if you’re new to this, around the time of release Danger Days, MCR started releasing Transmissions (clues) etc. which was amazing!! but first a little about DD –

Its 2019, the world as we know it is no longer there. there a great Fire/Helium wars in 2012 (damn it!), after which Better Living Industries or BL/ind was formed, this is there Mission Statement – ” Welcome to Better Living Industries, where dreams can be fulfilled, if your monetary ranking is deemed acceptable. We at Better Living Industries have been dedicated to a clean and structured lifestyle since the great fires of 2012. Bleaching the Zones and the quantitative analysis of the population have been effective means of ridding you, the consumer, of the unwanted waste. We, the organization, firmly believe in the sanctity of monochromaticism. By organizing the organisms we have revealed life’s true hidden values and discovered ways to attain and monetize that value. So ask yourself this, “Why Try?” Simply kick back and let BLI wash the grime out of your world. You have the means, you live to buy, why not buy to live a color-free existence.  
Through commerce and the correct combination of medication BLI has to offer, you too can be a happy well adjusted part of the populous. Long gone are the inefficient days when the consumer needed love, sex, makeup, or reassurance… these lustful idiosyncrasies left you feeling empty, tired, and weak. But now, you too can be fulfilled! Fill your heart with synthetic happiness, erase pain with ease, digitize your memories, and protect your interests with customizable blasters all at our one stop shop. Don’t let the world get you down. Instead, bring the world down to your level!

Tired from a long day out on the Zones? Need a few laughs? Dinner and a beer with an old friend? Don’t be silly. These antique emotions are worthless and in the long run will never fully complete you! Human contact is pointless and holds no equity. Can you resell a friendship? Can you trade in your mothers love for a transportation upgrade” [ for more go to the BL/ind website : http://www.betterlivingindustries.jp.

And to fight against the BL/ind there are the KillJoys, basically in DD we have

Party Poison 

Fun Ghoul

Jet Star

Kobra Kid

there are also loads of other charcters like Dr. DeathDefying who brings us updates,

and Show Pony,

Tommy Chowmein, The Kid, News A Go Go, Agent Cherri Cola etc. There’s also Korse, the head exterminator and the Draculoids, who are in short, just really evil dudes.  They come and go throughout the videos and transmissions. You can check it out over here – http://dangerdays.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Characters, ( i just can’t get the link thingy to work) its not all of them.

In NaNaNa The kid is kidnapped by Korse and the Dracs, But in sing, the killjoys go to save her, she does end up safe with Dr. D and others in the end, but all of the Killjoys get killed. though there does seem to be some dispute about this, because it seems that in 2019, no one really dies. this is evident from the fact that even though Agent Cherri Cola, who was a Killjoy who was caught when infiltrating Bl/ind headquarters and was then Brainwahsed into a Drac  tweeted (ugh, i don’t like that word) even after he was killed in Sing. so maybe you just disappear for a while and then come back. I dunno, its not really been made clear.

Check out this blog http://girlautomatic.tumblr.com/, its amazing and there is just so much stuff on there, do take a look at Girl Automatics Blog! 🙂

There is so much more to the Dangerverse than this, but i seem to have run out of breath to write it all, plus i need to vote for MCR on Musical March Madness, so do Vote!!!

I just remembered that around the time the whole previous MFery was going on someone on tumblr put up this whole awesome list – THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE!!


Information on something or an update, eg: “Update please… need a four and double ones.” Probably derived from 4-1-1, the telephone number for local directory assistance in the US and Canada.

Battery City
The city that contains BL/ind’s operating base. Situated in California.

BLI or BL/ind
Shortened forms of Better Living Industries, Battery City’s ruling corporation; “firmly believe in the sanctity of monochromaticism”. They’re what the killjoys are rebelling against.

Money/dollars, eg: “These jokers are asking 15k carbons for an Individual.” Shortened to ‘c’.

Fight, often (but not always) between killjoy and Draculoid.

Costa Rica
Means crazy or bad, eg: “the fight went Costa Rica”. Often used like ‘go all Costa Rica’ or ‘went all Costa Rica’.

Crash Queen
Daredevil. Often (but not always) refers to killjoys with an unhealthy taste for speed; a thrill-seeker. Refers to males and females despite the ‘queen’. Also ‘Crash Kids’.

Dead Pegasus
The dominant gas station company; popular because it always has a steady supply of gas. Most likely a reference to Mobil, an American gas company who has an iconic Pegasus logo.

Dead, eg: “She’s dust by now”.

Killed, eg: “He got dusted out in Zone 3”, “I dusted a couple of Dracs earlier”.

Dust Angel
Another name for a resident of the zones. Used by Gerard Way and Dr. Death Defying.

Vampire-masked killjoy killers employed by BL/ind; love to party/have a good time.

The highest level of scarecrow operatives. Korse is the ‘chief exterminator’ according to Gerard.

Fight involving ray-guns.

Tiny cameras used to spy on people by BL/ind which look exactly like normal flies.

Getaway Mile
Another name for Route Guano, the main road through the zones.


Dead. Usually refers to someone who was murdered or killed, eg: “The only good Drac is a ghosted Drac.”

Helium Wars
Wars that occurred in 2012, maybe interlocked with the ‘Great Fires of 2012’? BL/ind was established shortly after.

Hit the Red Line
Literally driving so fast and for so long that you ‘hit the red line’ of your car’s fuel gauge. Refers to running away from something; moving out.

A nightclub, most likely situated out in the Zones.

Individual, The
BL/ind’s ray-guns, sold online via http://betterlivingindustries.jp (constantly sold-out.) Cost $14,999.99 or ‘15k carbons’.

Kids on the run, children of the carburetor. Survivors, with ammunition and a love for speed. Often a gearhead or someone living a life roaming around the zones in their car. Also ‘Motorgoblins’.

BL/ind’s mascot, as seen in their ‘The Miracle Worker’ video. Party Poison wears a heavily-modified Mousekat head in parts of the ‘Na Na Na’ video.

Generic and derogatory term for scarecrow operatives or BL/ind police.

Pig Bomb
Occured in 2017 and involved pigs. Perhaps to do with this article? There isn’t much information.

Retinal Resorts
Resorts operated by BL/ind where “everybody is famous”; you can go there to be treated and relax.

Ritalin Rat
Someone who relies heavily on the drugs doled out by BL/ind. Usually addicted to these narcotics.

See Motorbabies. Drive so fast that they ‘burn rubber’, slang for destroying tyres.

Refers to BL/ind’s security department (Scarecrow Unit) or operatives of it. The operatives are of higher rank than the Draculoids and are above the police.

Awesome, solid (slang), outstanding, cool, eg: “That new raygun you got off that ghosted Drac is fucking SHINY.”

Someone who wanders in the zones. Usually a killjoy/smuggler.

Turn up.

Slang for ray-gun or a laser-blaster. Run on batteries.

There are six in rings around Battery City. The zones are often subject to acid rain and adverse weather conditions and are basically desert wasteland that are only inhabited by Killjoys and the BL/ind operatives trying to track them down. Here is a map.

Zone Rat
Resident of the zones.

Person who spends time in the zones; includes smugglers. Also ‘Zonehopper’.

i know its all random and not really orgainsed, but i just wanted to get all of it down in one place, before we get sucked into the new level of classic MCR MindF*^kery.