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sometimes, you gotta love your luck.

27 Feb

first things first – i am so not a coward. i packed both my bags, and was completely prepared to go back to the hellhole. so i’m brave. now comes the good part, as i reached the bus station, i got an urge to call up my roomie, and i did, and so i found out that there was an athletic meet starting tomorrow, so it means that its 3 more days at home. i quickly called up my mum and dad and told them i’m coming back. my dad didn’t take it too lightly though. but then again, its not like he can stop me.


now moving on to the second topic, my brother think is should have gone back anyways cause otherwise i will regret it. i told him to shut it. i really don’t need advice on how to lead my life and how i should go to college. specially not from him, he flunked in one subject due to short attendance. so i don’t think he should say anything. besides, family before friends, always. thats how it should be, no matter how crazy your family is.


also he says that i don’t leave home very often, actually i don’t leave it all. and this is something a lot of people say, so today i take this time out to say something to all those who have once or maybe loads of times called me a hermit – BITE ME!.