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Ain’t gonna get me.

23 Feb

this is one bug that isn’t going to bite me, or maybe i should say bird. do birds even bite?

any-ways, i’m talking about twitter, i don’t like it, and i don’t get the point of it. and i don’t even have a twitter account on my real name. but i opened one yesterday on my blogging name, why you ask? ( i know you do. ), i have no bloody idea. i think i was delusional by the lack of sleep, , and it does happen that when you’re kinda sleepy and you don’t sleep you end up doing stuff you wouldn’t otherwise do. in my case start a twitter account. where i even put up a photo of me, dang it! though that doesn’t really matter much, and i happen to like that photo.

the point is that now, i am on twitter, i exist there. and i never really wanted that. i’m not a very interesting person (as is obvious by the number of people who read this, the 15 who do, you’re awesome! ), and whatever stuff that’s on my mind, well i pour it out here, that’s why i have a blog. not one but 2! and somehow since yesterday, i’ve even managed to tweet ( oh lord! ), 3 times. wow. though once was about my dog, but it counts. i guess i could reactivate it, or maybe just let it stay there, taking up useless internet space. mua-hahaha! ( i really just needed to do the evil laugh).

in other news, i got offer letters from 2 universities today, Dublin Business school and Aberdeen University, i guess i should be excited, but i seem to going through a change of mind, the US seems like a pretty nifty place now. 😐 ah chuck it! i have 3 months more to decide, i can easily procrastinate. though Dublin too seems fun.