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Just keep on walking

14 Jan

so, tired of sitting at home today and listening to all those around me giving me their opinion on what I should do, I decided to go walking, after all I should lose all this weight now.I know its been with me for so many years, a constant companion, in sickness and in health, but it’s just time to say goodbye. There was a time, around 4 years ago, when I’d worked hard and gotten the figure I wanted, but that one wrong decision just brought all of it back. But, not this time. I have better fashion sense and I want to look good. this year will be amazing for me. I know that.

So, I went for a walk, at first I was a little nervous, cause come on, everyone likes to laugh at the fat people, i know I do. so i decided to play it cool, talk on my phone and stroll around the park, till I develop a fast pace, after which I would rudely cut the phone. šŸ˜‰

this way i was able to walk for 20 minutes without even noticing it! but as soon as i cut the phone, iĀ realizedĀ that my legs hurt and i wanted to sit, but i focused on those gorgeous jeans I saw last week at 7 for all mankind, and just kept on going, blaring Helena on my headphones! Ā rock music really helps while walking. and living. butĀ that’sĀ for another post.

45 minutes! I’m impressed and have lost the use of my legs. but it was worth it.