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Nobody told me . . .

9 Mar

they should have told me. a little warning perhaps. a sign, a nudge, something. but nope, i got nothing. complete radio silence. Somebody should have effing told me that growing up is HARD!

i mean, i know i never expected it to be easy, hell no, i’m not that big a fool, but c’mon, all i got was “ooh! growing up is fun”, well i say that is utter BS! its not, there is a whole load of shit attached to it, and i’m going to try to just keep a track of all the stuff i learned or am learning ever since i ‘turned’ 20, a year back . (shucks!)


Nothing, absolutely nothing, infact i don’t really remember much from that year, except maybe that yeah, i learnt that i am a super self absorbed, crass, selfish and rude person, and i guess i am trying to change that now, but it hurt a lot when someone i thght was a close friend of mine came upto me at the end of the session and shouted on me, yeah, i did cry then ( alot ), and i guess i did maybe try to change myself for a little while but then my escapist attitude kicked in and i decided that i only have to tolerate these people for only another 2 months (yay!), so screw it all, i can just keep them happy now, and then be back to how i was after May! okay no, i guess i won’t do that, i will change myself a little, not much, but yeah i little where i think i need to make a change, i’ve learnt this year that life is too short, and its best not to hurt people around you.  so yep, thats what i learnt from 20.