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this post has no title

20 Apr

it really doesn’t. cause i have no idea what to even write about. nothing is happening in my life worth writing about. NOTHING!! i mean, c’mon, there should be something funny/lame/happy/annoying going on that i can put down here, but nope, i’ve got nothing.

oh yeah, just a month left! and no i’m starting to feel it, the whole oh my god! i spent 4 years of my life here! i’ll miss my friends scene. I’m kind of glad though, if i hadn’t been even a little sad, i would be heartless. even if the place sucks, studies are boring, food is bad etc. etc. i have some pretty amazing friends. i’ll miss them a lot! Also, this place did help me become a better person, so that is really big thing 🙂

oooh! before i forget, i won a contest today! it was twitter ( who would’ve thought?) and i won the new LINKIN PARK CD – LIVING THINGS! how amazing is that?!?! finally i won something, its usually my brother who gets lucky, though i think winning an iPhone 4S is beyond the scopes of just lucky.

Ciao, for now, and i’ll be back when i actually have something worthwhile to say/write about. I leave you with this, enjoy!


Let There be Signs.

18 Feb

This has to be perhaps one of the more serious blog post i will ever do’cause it is really important to me, my effing future is at stake!.

do signs really exist? and before we get happy out there, i’m not talking about the Mel Gibson movie, Signs, which was amazing! creepy aliens dude! and before the post gets really serious and weird, and i may never read it again, and might just trash it, i just read yesterday that System of a Down, may be thinking of coming up with a new album this year! yay! finally! its been ages and ages! how weird is it, that just a month ago i was excited about 2012, but now i just think it sucks, or at least it started out suckily, i hope things get better as the year goes on.


i’m talking about the signs/signals/directions that life reportedly gives us. saying it out loud, or typing it as is the case here, makes me think its utter BS, and that might also be the case, just the thing is that, with my under-graduation finally about to get over in a matter of another 93 days ( yes, i count the days. No, i am not a sad loser, i just like countdowns.), i have to decide what i want to do with my life next, and though i have a vague idea as to what i want to do, the matter of how to do it is still uncertain, and for the last few months i had my mind completely set on going to UK, and have applied to, and also gotten into :), a few colleges there, but now i’m just seen these, ‘signs’, everywhere that UK would suck for me, and i won’t be able to live there, and i should just go to USA instead!!!! I’m going effing crazy! just writing it makes me feel stupid, there are no signs in life, and there are no set paths, we decide what we have to do and how we should do it. i hate being so Fickle, it messes up everything.


i just hope i’m wrong about there not being any signs, because if there are then i’m going to be royally screwing up my life by ignoring them, and i don’t want to do that at all. not now. not ever. 😦

Thank You, Chuck Lorre.

17 Feb

sometimes the shows, you least expect to fall in love with, are the ones you get addicted to the most. when i first heard of The Big Bang Theory, i seriously thought that it was some sort of lame show, cause hasn’t the beauty and geek thing been done in loads of movies already. and i was kinda getting tired of it, but after much persistance decided to give it a look, and now here we are 4 seasons later and still going strong.

The Big Bang Theory has amassed a following like no other, due to Chuck Lorre’s classic story telling, and the acting skills of all in the cast, but why have i decided to talk about it today? because i just finished watching the latest episode, and i laughed so hard, it looked like i was having spasms. 🙂

There is a reason Jim Parsons has won Emmy awards for playing Sheldon Cooper, and though i think all of them are worthy of the awards, this episode just made me wanna make a special award for John Ross Bowie! Barry Kripke and Stuart are perhaps 2 of my most favorite characters on the show, i only wish we could see more of them 😦

though my most favorite part of watching the show, is when i sometimes understand a word or two from the long scientific monologues that Sheldon gives, it makes me feel like i’m intelligent 🙂

For so many years of laughs, and hopefully many more to come, i say Thank You Chuck Lorre, you help me feel better in the middle of the week .

Happy Valentines Day

13 Feb

so, here it is, the day of the year when you can literally feel the hormones buzzing in the air, the static electricity caused by the excitement and rush that everyone around me will feel while i secretly mock them, Mua-hahaha!!!

i have nothing against this day, or the people who celebrate it. i infact wish them a great valentines day and hope they have fun with their loved one/soul mate/the one they want to procreate with etc. etc., its just that i don’t get it, if you love someone why wait for a special day to show it to them based on some fat old guy ( i guess), but then again, don’t listen to me this just might be my inner grouchiness coming out.

or maybe not, cause cherubs and hearts and overly done cuteness makes me gag, and its hard to stop myself from smirking at all those around in my derisive way. though my brother says it makes me look like i have gas, or someone just punched the life out of me. though, what does he know. 🙂

so to all the happy couples Happy Valentines day! may you end up with the one who you spend the day with. (that is, if you want to). Cheers.

^^ that is my valentines day and i love it!

needed – an underground bunker.

11 Feb

just finished watching – Knowing, a Nicholas Cage movie ( he’s everywhere!!!), and though the trailers were promising and intriguing, the movie was utter rubbish!!! i even tossed a coin with my mum on who gets the choose the movie!!

why? why did they need to add the alien/spirits bit at the end, it was all going perfectly fine, the story was good, random numbers that indicate horrific accidents and deaths, and than WHAM! weird alieny guys that are able to blind a person by opening there mouth ( a really strong light is emitted form their mouth, i feel stupid writing it), and there are the 2 kids, i have no idea why they even included the girl into the plot, it was fine without her. the unneccsary ‘friend’, who wants Cage to go out with his sis-in-law, he had barley 5 scenes!

after so many years, i have come to expect more from Nicholas Cage, he who gave us, National Treasure, Kick Ass (that is an epic movie!!!) and many other such wonderful movies. but i can’t crib to much, as this movie did teach me something, chuck buying a house or car, i need to buy an underground bunker!

it will be helpful in case of a nuclear disaster, alien attack, solar flare thingy, world war ( i know it will come, though chances are that i might be more virtual), and god knows what not. i guess, i’ll just have to start saving up money from now, as pretty soon more and more people are going to realise how important a bunker is, and realty prices can go up very fast.