And if you say this makes you happy . . . .

10 Nov

|It’s a bad idea to try to understand my post titles. The have no absolutely no relation to the actual posts whatsoever. |

I’m in such a band documentary kind of mood right now, I just had to write about it. 😐

Seriously though, all i want to do is curl up in my blanket (WHY is it so cold! It’s only November!) with my laptop and loads and loads of tea, and just watch all the band documentary’s and DVD’s that I can. But I can’t do that, ’cause

1) It’s 12 am, and while time is never a hindrance, ’cause it’s not like I can sleep either ways  but I have to be up at 6 tomorrow(I’ve forgotten what a real Sunday feels like, I hate you November weekends), and only, only if i put my headphones on and try to fall asleep now, I’ll most probably (hopefully!), be able to fall asleep by 3 am. Thank God for sad songs.

2) My DVD’s (the ones I have) are in another room. And I’m really cozy and comfy in my blanket right now with FatDog on my feet. I’d be crazy to move right now. (and i’m gonna need to go to the bathroom in exactly 3….2…1…! Ofc).

3) H is watching the Manchester United match online, ’cause Dad mad him switch off the TV seeing that he has a practical exam tomorrow. As if that would stop him. 😀 BUT, i lost the game of Stone, Paper, Scissors so he gets unchallenged internet usage. And both of us can definitely not watch videos at the same time, uninterrupted that it. So youtube is out of the question too.

*sigh* What must one do when one feels like just enjoying their favorite bands goofing off and throwing wet toilet paper at passerbys from their hotel room, TPing their band mates room, breaking a hotel table and then hiding the pieces (they’re under the sofa), and returning a foul smelling Chicken Fricassee to the kitchen via their window and through the skylight? What? 😀

FYI, all of the above band exploits are just from Frat Party at the Pankake Festival, which is Linkin Parks first DVD, and if you love LP, and you’ve not yet seen this, you really need to. Like really really, ’cause this is one the best things I’ve ever seen!!!

It’s classic funny Linkin Park. Like they always are 🙂  AND there’s the Easter Eggs! Seriously, trust LP to hide stuff, conduct scavenger hunts, and just make stuff fun.

BUT, i can’t see it now, ’cause of warm bed and my sad Rock, Paper, Scissors skills.

We should have played Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard Spock.

I think I would have won that.

With my mad skills for all things not normal.

Nobody Puts Baby in The Corner – Fall Out Boy

I’ll be your best kept secret 
And your biggest mistake.
The hand behind this pen relives a failure every day.

(whats up with this sudden found love for italics!)


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