Off with her head.

3 Oct

WordPress. I haven’t forgotten about you, I just have better things to do.

Okay, not really. I’m just so tired all the time!! ugh. Teaching is fuckin hard and someone should have warned me about it. Trying to teach 34 2nd grade kids who’re 3 years behind grade level and can barely speak english is a nightmare, but given a chance I won’t change it at all.

Other than that, it’s all kind of been really lame. Besides that fact that I’m drinking fairly regularly. Funnily enough this time last time, I’d had only 2 drinks in my entire life and just Tuesday I was out till 3 am. Nana’s in the hospital, they say he might have lung cancer. Hes 90 years old. Pixie might have an infection. Life just goes on getting suckier by the day.

Anyway, take a song and i’ll try to be back soon.

GHOST TOWN – Off with her head. 

Yeah, this downward spiral’s going viral,
In the coliseum people screamin’, “Off with her head!”
I’ve never been so loyal, nor have I bowed so deeply.
Locked in the pillory, I’m paralyzed.
Is this a reflection of humanity?
No this mustn’t be the end. No this mustn’t be the end!


We’ve already won

11 Jun

WordPress! *hugs* I’ve missed you.




Blegh. I just don’t have anything to really write about. No wait. Actually I do. But I’m going to start an entirely new blog for that because it’s going to be taking up the next 2 years of my life and there’s also the whole issue of that being completely associated with me and you still having no idea. Bwahahahaha. Anyway. I don’t really think anything much has been up with me in the time that I’ve been absent, other than the thing that needs its own blog.


Yep. I guess that’s it. I’m only posting ’cause I don’t want you to think that I’ve abandoned you. I haven’t. Totally.


ANYWAY! Take a song.

Young Volcanoes – Fall Out Boy

Tonight the foxes hunt the hounds
It’s all over now before it has begun
We’ve already won

Or was that just a telescopic camera nod?

6 Dec

|Random post titles are random. Pay no attention.|

WordPress, I go for a few days and you change! Talk about love. 😀 (Scoff all you want, but you need to be nice to technology, when they take over the world, you’ll be sorry you never said “Hi!” to you coffee machine)

Being in a perpetual state of confusion is tiring, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years ’bout myself, it really doesn’t help to push. I never do anything if people keep nagging me. Once they, and I, leave myself alone, I almost always get the work done/decisions made, even if I cut it real close. There’s just this moment, and I might be just lazying around and doing nothing till then, but when that moment strikes, I’ll get the work done. Almost always.

Like today, they’ve been after me to book the GMAT for months. I’ve been after me to book the GMAT for months, and even though loads of times I’ve opened the site and selected the date I never clicked, “Pay.”. Just didn’t feel like it. I finally did it today. We were watching TV, I got my dads credit card and just booked the test. (21st Dec. The panic’s gonna hit tomorrow. I’m in denial now). But I feel kinda good. As I always do after a decision is made. This is still not really what I wanna do, but for now, while I can’t think of anything else, atleast I know that I’ll be doing something. And that feels good.

And trust Fall Out Boy to write a song with Water Buffaloes in the title. With no mention of said animal? Mammal!! in the song at all.


He’s so sad!! Someone needs to write a song for him. (Dude. I’ve already written the worlds lamest story. I’m not even going near water buffaloes.)

He was a sad little fellow, 
that water buffalo . . . . . . .  .

My blog posts are totally like Fall Out Boy songs.

Random titles with even more random words. 😀

One day, fo sho, I’m gonna talk about meaningful stuff. One day.

Fall Out Boy – Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes                  

Detox just to retox
And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life
And perfect boys with their perfect lives
Nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy

And guarantee a source divine.

27 Nov

There’s a lot I want to talk about. Loads and loads of things, I’d thought ’em all out, I wanted to talk about my top 3 lyricists, the mystery of the missing hair bands that led me to make a new one out of golden ribbon, which I wear all the time now, the fact that FatDog turned four a few days back. I want to talk about all of that. But, currently I’m a little busy marveling at my lack of reaction.

My complete lack of any kind of reaction to the fact that one of my friends was in the hospital. To the fact that he has something which is incurable  To the fact that I’m one of the only few people who know, mostly ’cause he needed my “logical” opinion on something. The fact that i’m not having any reaction of any kind. Wow. This is something that’s bothered me ever since my grandpa asked me if I even miss MM. After I got over the anger, i thought about it. I don’t cry. When everyone sits together, and conversation (as always) turns to her, and everyone cries, I don’t. I’m the one who’s staring at the floor, feeling awkward. I don’t sit and miss her and cry. In fact I try not to think about her. This would make sense if I was an inherently emotionless person, but I’m not. I’m one of the most emotional people I know. Till last year I used to cry a lot. ALOT! So this is kind of disturbing, now that I’ve noticed it.

It’s like I’m immune to all kinds of pain now. Like sad pains. I distinctly remember shedding a tear last month when mom got all in my face, so I still get angry/frustrated.


This is certainly interesting.

Placebo – Blind

(I’m on such a Placebo rush these days! When I’m not listening to Flo Rida. 😐 )
(^ I’ll elaborate on that later)
I know I broke it.


And if you say this makes you happy . . . .

10 Nov

|It’s a bad idea to try to understand my post titles. The have no absolutely no relation to the actual posts whatsoever. |

I’m in such a band documentary kind of mood right now, I just had to write about it. 😐

Seriously though, all i want to do is curl up in my blanket (WHY is it so cold! It’s only November!) with my laptop and loads and loads of tea, and just watch all the band documentary’s and DVD’s that I can. But I can’t do that, ’cause

1) It’s 12 am, and while time is never a hindrance, ’cause it’s not like I can sleep either ways  but I have to be up at 6 tomorrow(I’ve forgotten what a real Sunday feels like, I hate you November weekends), and only, only if i put my headphones on and try to fall asleep now, I’ll most probably (hopefully!), be able to fall asleep by 3 am. Thank God for sad songs.

2) My DVD’s (the ones I have) are in another room. And I’m really cozy and comfy in my blanket right now with FatDog on my feet. I’d be crazy to move right now. (and i’m gonna need to go to the bathroom in exactly 3….2…1…! Ofc).

3) H is watching the Manchester United match online, ’cause Dad mad him switch off the TV seeing that he has a practical exam tomorrow. As if that would stop him. 😀 BUT, i lost the game of Stone, Paper, Scissors so he gets unchallenged internet usage. And both of us can definitely not watch videos at the same time, uninterrupted that it. So youtube is out of the question too.

*sigh* What must one do when one feels like just enjoying their favorite bands goofing off and throwing wet toilet paper at passerbys from their hotel room, TPing their band mates room, breaking a hotel table and then hiding the pieces (they’re under the sofa), and returning a foul smelling Chicken Fricassee to the kitchen via their window and through the skylight? What? 😀

FYI, all of the above band exploits are just from Frat Party at the Pankake Festival, which is Linkin Parks first DVD, and if you love LP, and you’ve not yet seen this, you really need to. Like really really, ’cause this is one the best things I’ve ever seen!!!

It’s classic funny Linkin Park. Like they always are 🙂  AND there’s the Easter Eggs! Seriously, trust LP to hide stuff, conduct scavenger hunts, and just make stuff fun.

BUT, i can’t see it now, ’cause of warm bed and my sad Rock, Paper, Scissors skills.

We should have played Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard Spock.

I think I would have won that.

With my mad skills for all things not normal.

Nobody Puts Baby in The Corner – Fall Out Boy

I’ll be your best kept secret 
And your biggest mistake.
The hand behind this pen relives a failure every day.

(whats up with this sudden found love for italics!)

There has to be an off button for this thing somewhere, right? RIGHT?

7 Nov

I’m crazy and I’m hurt 
Head on my shoulders 
It’s going…berserk

Nervous Breakdown – Black Flag (it just fit the thing going on here!)


I have a serious problem with overthinking. It sucks. I think too much. About random stuff, about small stuff, stuff that I shouldn’t even have to worry about. Maybe worry is the wrong word, ’cause I’m not stressing or anything. I just think. About stuff. I think I’ve already said this.

Yeah, I’ll try explain with an example, like we do in maths. (Da fuq! I’m using maths references! What is this madness? Make it stop!) I don’t like to text people much. Mostly due to the lack of emotions in texting, what i meant to be sarcastic might come across as rude to someone else, or I might misinterpret what someone said. It’s just annoying, and thanks to my current operator, texting and calling, almost cost me the same. But some people insist on texting (wordpress, why are you making that red squiggly line under this? Texting is so totally a word.), so when i have to do that, i take ages thinking about how i should phrase what i want to say, so that it does not come across in the wrong way to the person I’m sending it to. So, I’m not really worrying, I’m just thinking a lot.

Maybe it’s the same. I am really sleep deprived right now. 😐

So, yep, i think I alot. That’s what ’causes the insomnia too. I think. And not even about stuff that’s deep or ya know, ’bout MM, (It’s gonna be a year in January. A year.). I think about lame stuff, like what would shaggy talk about if he could talk, or if like those movies, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, they made one called Giant Panda vs. Kick ass Penguin, who would win ? (Penguin ofc! Really, if you even read this blog at all, and then say panda, I am disappointed  How could you do this to me? It’s always Penguin. Always. ). That kind of stuff.

Basically, all I want to be able to do is to shut the thinking off, maybe a flip switch for the brain. I don’t think there’s one. There should be, ’cause I really really need to sleep.And stop thinking about stuff so much. It’s annoying. Yeah, i annoy myself sometimes.

I don’t think you believe me on the Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus think. Here, take the movie poster.

Now do you believe me that such, for lack of a better word, kick ass, movies are real and exist in our world.

Winner eats all. 

They said it, not me.

And for the record, I asked quite a few people about the Panda vs. Penguin epic battle, everyone said Penguin. I ❤ my peeps.

I’m saying peeps, and using Italics more than necessary, I should sleep. Except I can’t. Insomnia is a bitch.

I leave you with :

Gotta Be Somebody’s Blue – Jimmy Eat World. 

When you’re feeling moot
You can have your conscience all you want
You can’t say I do nothing yeah
I put it off

I don’t have a Lawyer,and hopefully no one will sue me.

6 Nov


The day my iTunes shuffle decided to be nice to me and play good songs, one after the other. 😀

Seriously, I hate putting my iPod or any other music player on shuffle, ’cause I have songs in ’em that I don’t really listen to anymore, they pop up all of a sudden and that just ruins it. I didn’t even the realise the friggin thing was on shuffle!. Anyway, it’s like one of those moments thingys. Songs.

It started with –

Our lawyer made us change the name of the song so we wouldn’t get sued – Fall Out Boy 
Honey this mirror, isn’t big enough for the two of us – My Chemical Romance (This song is so so apt today, it’s ridiculous.)
Baby Dracula – Scarling.
 The Capitol – Good Charlotte
Sons Gonna Rise – Citizen Cope
Victimized – Linkin Park
Reinventing the wheel to run myself over – Fall Out Boy
Thirsty and Miserable – Black Flag
Wicked Game – Three Days Grace
Famous Last Words – My Chemical Romance (I get a mini heart attack each time this comes up on shuffle)
Post Blue – Placebo
Called Out In the Dark – Travis
Wouldn’t it be good – Danny Hutton Hitters (Pretty in Pink OST)
Seize the Day – Avenged Sevenfold  
Something in my eye – Turin Brakes
Blackout – Linkin Park
My Boy builds Coffins – Florence and the Machine
Ready for love – Mindless Self Indulgence
I can’t make up my mind – The Zombies 
To The End – My Chemical Romance
Thank God for Esteban – Panic! at the Disco
What Am I to say – Sum 41

I’m tired now, and i really do have better things to do. No, seriously. You might think it’s fun for me to sit and write down song titles that came up on shuffle, but I only have so good memory skills, and there were loads more and I have better things to talk about.


Today was H’s birthday! PARTAY TIME! Not really. He has an exam tomorrow. So we just got cake, which was awesome frigging nommy! (word jumble, ’cause I can do so) Butterscotch Cake, I need to give you more credit, ’cause damn! I shouldn’t have thought of cake, I’ll have to go and eat some now. :/ Maybe I should get some coffee too, to go with the cake.

Coffee reminds me of Gerard Way, and the way the twitter verse goes crazy each time he tweets something, even if it’s just, “Coffee”. I think everyone is scared that if they don’t reply to, and praise every tweet he makes, he’ll leave twitter land again, never to be heard again for a long long time, or till he gets bored enough to tweet again, whichever comes later. 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I was excited too when I checked my phone and saw he’d stepped back into the realm, but I can’t, and maybe don’t even want to, fangirl over single tweet he makes. I don’t think I have enough energy to do that. I think this is a sign that I’m growing old. I’m not judging anyone who does so by the way to each his/her own. And whatever makes him stay here, he does say funny stuff sometimes 😀

Just a reminder – BATMAN FTW!!


to the batmobile . . . . . . . . . .